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whumbal could be massive

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    RAU's Whumbul tungsten prospect is awaiting assays of surface samples over 1,300 x 1,100 m area. Whumbal is located about 20 kms West of Vital's Watershed Deposit of 13,500,000 tonnes @ .35% WO3. Whumbal is located on a 15 km shear trend that is a prime tungsten target (Watershed is on a parallel shear).

    Whumbal is located within a 20km x 10 km trend of very heavily surface mineralized tungsten zone. They have identified four other zones within this area. This mineralized area is about FOUR times larger than the mineralized surface expression at Watershed. There are also other areas much further North that also carry hi surface grades spread over large areas and running on the same shears.

    I suspect that the market may be catching onto something here. IF the Whumbal area is several times larger than Watershed which is worth $70 million AND u throw in the Mt Carbine Mine then RAU could run very hard indeed.
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