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Who's who in the Zoo

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    I don't know whether people have trouble following a story ...but let me try to explain who's who in the zoo:

    First, let me ask a question ...who is actually in this zoo?

    Let me see, you have Orinoco Gold ...no their assets are apparently being transferred to a Canadian Zoo ...I guess they won't help.

    Then you have the crowd who were all excited about offering shareholders 3% of their existing shareholding (yes 3%) by trying to restart the company from administration after an incredible and breathtaking capitulation. I guess that group has gone to the Canada zoo too. IDK.

    Then you have the shareholders group. The shareholders group who have raised massive funds for legal action with over $80,000 spent already in an effort to understand the truth and possibly seek compensation via a class action, if there is enough evidence.

    So I guess it is only the shareholders group left in the zoo.

    These things are fraught with difficulty, but what else can we do? Will ASIC help? No!

    I didn't start this group, not am I the major cog in the wheel, but It has been a privilege to do my part to help in this group, with a core of dedicated and loyal holders looking at every possible avenue to seek redress.

    So, if a class action is successful, who benefits? ...Every shareholder can participate if they choose ...or not.

    If it progresses that far, I assume you would be contacted by the shareholder lawyer Levitt Robinson.

    If anyone wants to join the group and receive bulletin updates from the lawyers, so you are welcome to join, there is no obligation (don't NEED more shareholders to increase the chances of success ...doesn't work like that).

    That's who's who in the zoo Bevter,

    On a personal note, after all the malicious vilifications, outright lies and character assassination I have been through, in addition to everything I have done to try to help expose the truth and seek justice for shareholders, as well as losing every cent to my name (and more), it is a bit rich you questioning my integrity -I would expect that from the enemy (not talking about you TM trader or Batboy).

    The truth will come out.

    If you want to join, welcome to go back through the posts and find the email address and join (or not). I'm not going to find it for you again.


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