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Who's the IDIOT that wanted to short GOLD, page-2

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    That would be Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan et al.
    Hope they all fall flat on their face.

    "If I'm correct, if this is a primary bull market in gold (and I believe I am correct) then the most dangerous thing a person can do is to put out shorts AGAINST the primary trend of a market.
    Thus, I believe that there is now a very good chance that the gold shorts are trapped -- they are positioned on the wrong side of the market. I might add that it is very unusual for the commercials to be on the wrong side of the primary trend of any market. But the commercials can make mistakes, they're not infallible.
    To make money, or to extricate themselves from this short squeeze, the commercials now need a substantial drop in the price of gold. It will be interesting to see whether they get it. So watch out for rumors, propaganda, any kind of pressure from the commercials -- all calculated to knock gold down, so tha the commercials can extricate themselves from their precarious and costly situation."
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