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    Afternoon forum,

    I have read a million posts about this so had to put my 2 cents in.
    I work in the Stock Exchange building in Melbourne and im now for the first time a little concerned at the fact i do work there. Where i once had invincible attitude where i felt we were always safe, there's now a thought in the back of my mind that its not safe for me to be at work. I dont know if i should feel nervous, but having the Rialto and the Stock Exchange next to eachother would represent an 'effective' target for these cowards.
    These guys are sick, and they wont stop.
    A previous post stated 95% of Muslems do not share these beliefs....r u serious? reverse that figure. they are a physcotic religion.
    How can people protest and say we should resolve this with 'peace' and not to get involved. We HAVE to stop this, or at least pledge our support and make a combined effort to stop this. These animals communicate in one way and thats through bombs....whilst i acknowledge that this is also a fairly crude attitude....i say we go in there are destory the place and their networks beyond repair. I am convinced that intelligence knows a hell of a lot more than what the public finds out, lets use that information and exterminate these pathetic excuse for human beings.

    Does anybody else who works in any of Australia's major landmark buildings share my concerns/nervousness? There's no way id stop going to work or let it effect my life, but the thought is now always in the back of head....i dont want to be part of the next news story.

    The one thing i must also say is that people will always have differing views on this delicate issue, and each person has a right to their opinion and shouldnt be criticised for sharing them despite some of them seeming offensive and very very uneducated.

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