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who will win

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    if you want to know who created today's sp collapse look at who are the big players in this area in Australia and the influence they have via brokers, media and lenders.
    You will very quickly see that a falling sp will enable them to pick up some juicy assets at bargain prices by way of liquidation or cheap prices for CAWF or CAF etc.

    The pressure during the next 2 months is going to be intense. A bit like during the elections except it's not as obvious as to who's pulling the strings.
    Remember the US lenders gave until September but the local mob,whom you'd expect to offer more support didn't.
    Asset hungry predators would have made sure of that.

    Will Centro win? Yes, if they can turn this into an advantage. At least we know the predators are hungry and could easily turn on each other and then we end up with a bidding war, lol.
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