Who will be your next target Shorten ?

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    Well Billy , you knifed Rudd , you knifed Gillard and your relentless disgusting attacks on Abbott and his family has almost brought you further success as an assassin of sitting Prime Ministers . Wont be long now and Abbott will have to step aside .

    Begs the question , who will be the next target of your lies and inuendo ? Who else can you trash daily ? Julie Bishop doesnt appear to have much material for you to work on , neither does Morrison. That leaves Turnball who is literally one of yours so that wont go well .

    Got your work cut out for you Billy boy coming up with new material .

    And then , the end result - Bill Shorten PM ( god help us ) . You think his head is big now , wait till you see it then , he wont be strong enough to carry it around !

    Perhaps he could knife himself
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