who shall stop the highwaymen?

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    Who Shall Stop the Highwaymen?
    by William P. Welty
    Sep 02, '03 / 5 Elul 5763

    What shall be done to stop the random murders that occur regularly on the open highways of Israel? What murders, you ask? And who's playing the part of the modern highwayman, that dreaded scourge of the early colonial and settler highways of the United States of America? Perhaps the best way to answer these two questions is to present to your attention the tragic evil that befell Shalom Har-Melech.

    No, my English readers, Shalom Har-Melech isn't the name of a place in Israel. It's not the name of an Israeli settlement. It's the name of a person. A 25-year-old Israeli young man. For those of my Christian readers who don't know Hebrew, I will take a moment to inform you that his first name means "Peace", and that his surname means "Mountain of the King". The name is almost Messianic in its meaning. But Shalom Har-Melech was murdered by Arab highwaymen. That means conservative Muslim highwaymen, according to an internet news report published by the respected Israeli news source, Arutz-7.

    Shalom Har-Melech was murdered on Friday morning, 29 August 2003, as he was driving with his wife along the Alon Highway in the Jordan Valley. He was shot to death and was buried the following day, in keeping with Israel and Jewish custom.

    The funeral took place in his childhood hometown of Kokhav HaShachar, starting at 10:30 and ending after 2am, as "speaker after speaker eulogized Shalom, the oldest of seven children," according to the Arutz 7 report. His pregnant wife, Limor, was wounded in the attack. She was listed in moderate condition after doctors delivered her baby by Caesarian section several hours after her husband was murdered. The couple's other child, 1-year-old Ya'ir, survived the shooting, because he was not in the car when it was attacked by several conservative Muslim terrorists.

    Bringing it Home to America

    Now let's imagine if this incident had happened here in America. We'll adjust the circumstances to our culture. Imagine if a cult of serial murderers were traveling America's highways, randomly shooting the innocent as a political protest.

    Think of Charlie Manson and his followers, except now let's add conservative Islam to the mix.

    Is that too foreign to imagine — the events of 9-11 not withstanding? Okay then, imagine a bunch of members of the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (sometimes referred to by their Hispanic acronym MEChA). What would you think if these racist illegal Mexican aliens went out murdering people along the remote highways of southern California in order to force the United States to turn California back over to Mexico?

    Or think of some renegade native Americans — no, to hell with political correctness — think of some renegade Indians killing Arizona citizens because they want their land back. In the 21st century, not the 1800s.

    You see, the Israelis are dealing with politically motivated Islamic conservative fanatics with whom no one can hold a rational conversation. The objective of these Muslims is to kill as many Israelis in the name of their false 7th century AD desert demon as they possibly can.

    If these Muslims were operating here in America today, who wouldn't demand that the murderers be brought to justice and executed?

    Oh yeah, I forgot. They are operating here in the United States of America.

    They bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in September 2001, and there's a mountain of evidence that they were behind the downing of TWA flight 800 as well as the Oklahoma City bombing.

    Now imagine that here in the United States some fanatical Muslim group just shot up a car and killed an elementary school teacher, seriously wounding his wife.

    All of a sudden, some foreign government comes along and demands that the local police stop trying to track down the killers. As a result, nobody is bringing the shooters to justice. That foreign government is also forbidding the local District Attorney to prosecute the murderers when they're caught. That foreign government is also forbidding the central government to set its own policies to deal effectively with these murdering highwaymen, on pain of losing the favor of that foreign government. Worse yet, that foreign country is also pressuring the central government to release all previously convicted highway murderers who are serving time in prison, after they were found guilty by courts of competent jurisdiction!

    Now let's add one last nightmare to the mix. That foreign government is also the only international friend you have. It's providing financial support that keeps your army equipped to deal with the more than 300 million people who surround your nation, just waiting for the day when they can drive you and your children into the Mediterranean Sea.

    Those surrounding nations are dreaming of their 21st century Final Solution.

    So, I'll repeat my question. Who wouldn't demand that these murderers be brought to justice and executed, if they were operating here in America? Who wouldn't demand that the United States tell that foreign government's president to take a long walk on a very short pier.

    Hold on to your hats, folks.

    That's precisely what the United States of America is doing right now to Israel.

    My God, what is the leadership of the United States of America thinking?

    Thank God for Mr. Wallerstein

    People, I thank God that He created people like Pinchas Wallerstein, head of the Binyamin Regional Council, the area in which the murder took place. Mr. Wallerstein recently told Arutz-7 the following:

    “The statistics of terrorist murders here in our region are simply terrible... All the attacks here are not by Hamas or Islamic Jihad, but rather emanate from the Mukata, Arafat's headquarters in Ramallah. A certain specific cell of terrorists is responsible for all the recent murders — that of Tzvi Goldstein, Ettie G'alyah, Tzion David, Gideon Lichterman, Idit Mizrachi, and others.

    “Each of them was killed in the same way: A professional team ambushes them in a roadside shooting. These terrorists may have even been trained by the IDF or the CIA for all we know.

    “We read in the weekly Torah portion yesterday about a corpse that is found between two cities [and who is responsible]. The Middle Ages commentator Ibn Ezra says that this is referring to safety on the roads... I truly feel that neither I nor the government can say, as the Torah commands, 'our hands did not spill this blood.'

    “We have to understand that in this situation, it is wrong of us to try to extract the murderers from amidst the population in some sort of tweezers exercise. We must realize that the people of the Arab village Mugharer who gave these murderers shelter are all worthy of death; the entire Arab population, whether it is in Israel or the PA areas, if it gives support to these murderers either tacitly or actively or by expressing joy at their crimes - all of them are worthy of death. This is the proper approach, and not precise surgical procedures to find the exact murderers.”

    Wallerstein had another proposal to deter the Arab murderers:

    “We know the only thing that really threatens the Arabs. If the government had the strength, it would tell the Arabs, 'For every attack, we take another 1,000 dunams (250 acres) for Jewish settlement.' This would frighten them, and would strengthen our hold on the land. If a wonderful boy like Har-Melekh and his wife Limor decided that what was needed is to populate this region, then the people of Tel Aviv and Holon and Bat Yam, and the larger communities in Yesha, should realize that this was their legacy to them and that this is what has to be done. Our connection with the Land will be determined by the Jews coming to live here. True, it's dangerous, and some of us have in fact paid a high price, and it requires great strength - but this very fact is what obligates us ten-fold.”

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Wallerstein. As the prophets wrote, "Raq hazaq..." Only be strong. May the living God strengthen you all to this task. But do remember Nehemiah's example: carry a weapon with you while you do your building.
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