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    The Daily Reckoning Tea Party ideology, based on Austrian free market economics, wants a gold standard and dislikes deficits. LOOK OUT if you don't listen to what they say because they are always going to be right next time. The Free Marketers are never right this time but always right next time. Zimbabwe, Weimar Germany, Hyperinflation coming next week, Governments defaulting on debt.

    Winning Stock Picks of the Daily Reckoning -  AED oil, South Gobi resources, Shorting the NAB, buying Gold Miners and Gold ETFs. Have I missed any goodies, oh hyperinflation for CPI, Gold,  minerals and resources, even a denial that the polar ice caps are melting, what have I missed, anyone else?

    The Proponents of Modern Monetary Theory, on the other hand, have correctly predicted all of the major crashes and the NON crashes too, the reasons for the lack of CPI hyperinflation while predicting the enormous inflation in the price of real estate, stocks and bonds.

    Warren Mosler: What Modern Monetary Theory Tells Us about Economic Policy
    MMT vs. Austrian School Debate - YouTube
    Debunking Moronic Hyperinflation Myth - YouTube

    We won!! Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) got everything right...EVERYTHING!!
    Mike Norman Economics: Paying off America's Debt is Simple
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