who owns this land?

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    According to the 'left', the Aborigines "are the traditional" owners, although the further 'left' you go, they feel the trees have certain claims to this (and any) land. Depending what your told to believe, the following may be a bit disturbing. Scientists are almost unilateral that 'man', as we know today, ALL eminated from Africa over a 15,000 year period. The two main attempts in leaving Africa came with the first two models to walk 'upright', they are 'Neanderthal' and 'Cromagnon', of which, we have all evolved, including Aborigines. It would appear, according to science, that those of aboriginal descent, were just the one's who won the race to Oz- does that give them any further entitlement than those who were just a bit slower in getting here? Remembering that the 'left' doesn't agree with 'monopolies' and 'ownership', so, doesn't giving ownership to any particular group, fly in the face of their beliefs? If you'd like to discredit science, remember the science of engineering gives us the boundaries to any properties we happen to own, and 'ownership' seems to be a sore point with the 'left'.
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