Who makes the mess?

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    morning all,

    I am constantly amazed by people who mess up their own communities and then complain that government won't clean up the mess.

    "But on the ground some basic services have been neglected. Rubbish piles up on vacant blocks and potholes scar the streets."


    I see the same in Australia ------- broken houses - upturned cars burnt out - and, all I hear is complaints that government should provide better housing and clean the place up.


    How about not turning cars upside down and burning them in the first place.

    How about keeping your backyard clean.

    How about not breaking all the windows in your house in the first place.

    What is the point in governments doing anything if people keep breaking, burning and messing up.

    Gees, I reckon the government should come in and fix up my house and clean up my yard -

    but, hang on a minnie ------------- I don't qualify ----------- I pay tax ------

    silly me for even thinking about it.

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