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who is ztei

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    I have been reading about ARR for a while now and bought in @ $2.05. I sat through the down selling from Verillions sell off of 7 odd million shares, thinking that it was still a good company and the tech of the future... Imagine my excitment when ZTEI of china announces a $300mil JV to develope the product, shares finally over the slump and heading North i thought.

    Then ARR announce to the market "It should also be noted that the JV is with ZTEI and not ZTE Corporation (ZTE, HKSE0763) as previously announced to the market. ZTEI and ZTE Corporation are two separate entities." - 14/Jan/2008

    So i thought ok, doesnt really matter, $300mil is still $300mil no matter where it comes from.... Then again who is ZTEI if not affiliated with ZTE?? Google doesnt know who they are, i really would like some clarification of this ZTEI if anyone out there knows could you please tell the rest of us..... Anabolic
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