Who is the ombudsman for Co-vid Marshalls??

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    I ran into some people that attended a wedding on the weekend.

    First I have struck since the lockdowns. Anyway present was a mandatory Co-vid Marshall. Now people that live together were separated 1.5 metres at the wedding, and the reception. All seated, no dancing, all invitees at a private venue. One or two previous invitees did not attend because they were possible risk.

    Needless to say worst wedding the attendees every been to. The topic of discussion was tangent from the bride and groom.

    I would be surprised if many other weddings occur for a while.

    Now Covid Marshall's need to be present at all gyms from Saturday I think in NSW. Who pays for the Marshall's and I assume that is the taxpayers and therefore they must be present for the graveyard shift for 24 hour gyms then??

    Based on the failure of the wedding it would appear each Marshall must be culturally sensitive to the locality meaning they must have lived in the area twenty years to be able to interact appropriately in the local public and provide professional discourse in my opinion
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