who is the big dill now

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    Though I didn't put 12 solar
    electrical panels on my
    roof for financial reasons
    (doing my bit to replace
    coal-fired power with
    non-CO2 power was
    the main reason) I
    was labeled by
    some Liberal
    HC members
    on financial
    grounds as
    a Big Dill.

    Well - who's the Big Dill now?

    Extract from the AFR today:

    Heat's on for electricity prices

    Drought, high wholesale prices, soaring demand
    and capacity constraints are expected to push
    up the cost of electricity (for some consumers)
    by more than FIVE times the rate of
    inflation over the next 12 months.

    Followed by heaps of REAL data
    from the REAL world.

    Last week's production figure from
    Chez Graham & Maureen (which
    included several cloudy days):

    Just over 108 Kilowatt Hours.

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