Who is tax loss selling this year?

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    hands up. Me niet. My stocks (average) are above the water line for most of them, and some doing brilliantly. The market low was End of June 2001, so not sure what will happen this year, but my guess is, and its only a guess at this stage as we have not hit June 1 yet to confirm a definite trend change, that if there is any selling for tax purposes, then it might only be of a minor nature as low was last year. Then from July 1, (or a few days beforehand) i'm speculating a strong rally for a few months or possibly longer than that given that by that time we should have additional positive economic news. nevethless, my XGP index ma price pillar chart since S11 is still in slight decline (no change since last post), but in slight uptrend since June last year. No hint of a change in trend yet & nothing to write home about. Hope we get some hot northerly winds by July 1.

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