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    looking at some of the individual trades i would not be surprised if many belong to those who got placement stock yesterday/today.Naturally many belong to day traders who have been caught out and need to liquidate to pay up debt and shareholders who are panicking after seeing a 10% drop.

    Whilst placement holders are cashing in on their free options and shares at 37.5c I suspect the big boys in town are happy to buy at these discounted prices. Heads at an average of 44c and options at 21c represent good value in my opinion.

    Is the company concerned?

    Most likely not as they knew many placement receivers would want to cash in some gains. Just maybe that is why a delay in releasing the Resource Upgrade and BFS Status report. Why destroy the good news?

    Note that not all placement stock has been sold. Why not? Because astute investors know where there is value and more money to make.

    Do your own research.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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