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who is ruth

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    Sorry for my ignorance, but often I hear the name Ruth mentioned here. Who is Ruth exactly? I think she might be the secretary of MS.

    This would mean Cityview is not only a "one man company" how it is often critizised in the German CVI thread. In this case Cityview has 2 employes.

    On the website I can only find Company Secretary: Paul Williams.

    The argument some German users are writing: how can one invest in a one man company with one employee. This man must be Paul Williams. I think this is only another method to keep CVI down.

    Btw there has been a similar activity in the German cvi thread last weekend as here on HC and I have noticed an atmosphere of nervousness and an increase of restlessness and superficial and unnessecary postings which create only more confusion.

    May be some people can smell that news are coming and are not sure what to do and many of them are very impatient.
    It is like a kind of hyteria compared with the waiting for an ann in the beginning of January where all wanted to get the finance confirmation.

    CVN was actually the reason, why I am invested in Cityview.
    Came to know CVI from a user from the CVN thread. Thanks for this valuable information and by the medium of HC.

    Regarding the low performance of Cityview I compared Cityview with Carnarvon Petroleum Limited (CVN) and I have found from my watchlist, that both companies made a loss of 26 % from 27.12.2008, even with this unpleasant but obviously nessecary placements and the short oriented trader plays, who brought the SP down, that was not that bad. The difficult world market situation has of course also contributed for the fall of SP.

    The coming days and weeks will be very exciting because I think this can change the life of a lot of "long term in CVI believers".

    Wish everyone good luck

    and like some chinese acrobats pray before they do the difficult artistic performance of blessed bodies, I tell this to all Cityview friends and undecided users:

    May this exercise succeed!!

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