who is gladys liu???

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    watso vaguely recalls that there may have been a thread about her previously, but did not look at if there was a thread - after all who is Gladys liu ???

    just reading something on the net - and it seems this is relevant to Gladys liu..

    Gladys Liu is under pressure for describing LGBTI issues as “ridiculous rubbish” and arguing same-sex marriage is “against normal practice”.

    one thing for sure is she is stating the obvious, so why should morrisson even have to try and defend her remarks.. maybe glady's liu is the lib candidate for Chisolm

    It comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison was yesterday forced to defend an under-fire Liberal candidate for the Victorian seat of Chisholm over homophobia claims.

    whoever Gladys liu is - hopefully she will win the seat with a massive swing to her.

    watso is sick of all the leftie rubbish .. there are only two sexes - ie male and female and few whackos (just code for the alphabet soup of available minority genders)

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