WHO is finding the current market unusually diffic

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    Just a general topic for discussion.........Stocko said in another post that anyone making consistent profits at the minute is a genius and I'd tend to agree. I'm still well and truly up for the year but below par as far as my own performance targets for the last month or two. It seems the only people I know making good profits are very experienced investors ,those that trade very short term (buy rumour sell fact-type!) and those that have no idea and are having a lucky run.

    When I say unusually difficult I mean I've never come across a period like this where the market as a whole isn't tumbling (it's pretty much sideways) but so many previously successful people are losing big money on "good" stocks (ie not penny dreadfuls). Anything that doesn't set the world on fire is getting caned and it seems from my observations that the number of stocks falling (amongst the second tier...ie. best!..stocks) is far outweighing those rising. The banks and gold stocks are artificially covering the performance of the rest of the market. I'm asking for a post from Hell here mentioning the banks!!

    Anyone care to agree/disagree based on your experience. I'd also be interested to here some advance/decline analysis as I don't get that in my data.
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