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who is doing the selling?

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    reflecting back i can recall that the directors of hdr,and i imagine the other j/v partners were only selling shares when a window opened,ie after announcement of mauritania drilling when info was in the public arena.
    i am speculating that ted and scott have"lost some weight"in the past few weeks,and we will see a change of shareholder notice soon.
    i think they will be selling the fully paids they own,and then ready themselves to exercise there 60 cent options which expire at the end of the year.
    net result,they are getting 60 plus for stock,and then converting the optionscloser to expiry when another window opens,ie ching result 2003 well.
    i know that there are precursors when they cant trade the shares in hdr they own when certain conditions are at play,ie half way down the ching hole because of intimate knowlege of the drilling.
    then again i might be way out of the park on this one.
    comments welcome.
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