who is amory hill

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    what he doesn't say is that he is the Publisher and wrote all that about himself!!!

    check out his web site www.amoryhill.com or
    he has edited the below to sound a less conceited after getting a bagging from anyone who reads his works...

    at least it explains why the guy is so negative

    Who IS Amory Hill ? ... read on!

    Amory Hill, author and poet, is the most important writer of contemporary Australian fiction alive today. Strangely, in a literary environment that's full of conceit and arrogance, he does not regard himself as a great writer or even a highly imaginative one. Why then, do we proclaim his importance? Because he boldly writes what others can't or won't. Draw him a line - he'll cross it!

    Amory deals with all the many topics self-respecting authors fear to touch. He uses material that is available to anyone who reads the daily papers, watches news as it unfolds, stops long enough to think and hopefully, to feel. None of the events he depicts in his varied works are inconceivable. In all likelihood, they are taking place somewhere in the world at this very moment or if not now, they will at some time soon.

    Taboo, politically incorrect, unpleasant, uncomfortable subjects. Who else would have produced an inspired work of fiction on euthanasia? (Hope to Die). What other writer would want to combine packrape, paedophilia, boatpeople and piracy, gang-violence, prostitution, white slavery, drugs, corrupt cops, self-serving politicians and every form of sexual deviation and still insist on describing it as a love story, culminating in the most convincing, most poignant ending ever? (Toyboy - a love story).

    A satire about well-known political figures? Try Karleen MP, it is very funny. Religion, life after death and other extremes of the human condition? Read Return from Nowhere. Does uninhibited violence turn you on? Groolbasher provides heaps of it along with some revealing, at times amusing sex-change observations. Then there is Cloud of Madness, largely a selection of letters to the editor showing above all, Amory's single-minded dedication to freedom of expression for the silent majority.

    Does the revenge theme strike a chord? Flower of Hate exploits it to a most satisfying extent. It must be added that Amory's concept of what's in store for us, inhabitants of a quasi-empty continent surrounded by overpopulated regions riddled with hunger, oppression and ethnic discord, is embarrassing in its realism. It is books like these that will one day form a cornerstone of modern Australian literature.

    Images of mass execution and mutilation? Amory sketched them (Flower ..., Return ...) long before a horrified awareness of what goes on in Africa and elsewhere, swept the western world. But there are times when even Amory's fearless genius cannot keep pace with the sordid brutality of day-to-day revelations. FGM may rate a brief aside here and there, as does clerical sex-abuse and other items best left swept under the carpet, but in no context cultural or otherwise, do we find any mention of the 'firestick', of ritual spearing or of wifebashing unto death.

    "Never heard of it. I told you I haven't got the imagination!" he laughingly declares. "One may have to dig a little deeper, ask some questions. Give me time!"

    What we have here is a highly sensitive, surprisingly humorous writer who, far from being obsessed with the morbid and the distasteful, nevertheless seeks to present an image of the world - our world as he sees it - today and tomorrow. Entertaining, but it must be admitted, disturbing at times. Invasion, dictatorship, labour-camps. Where does he get these ideas?

    Day-Nine, published on the internet for free downloading, is a mildly futuristic work suitable for general consumption. Here, the writer is trying to outguess God's inscrutable ways, seeking an answer if that is at all possible, to the eternal question: WHY? He does not attempt to look very far ahead; anything beyond the timeframe of the currently brand-new century is in Amory's view, pure fantasy and bears no semblance to his perception of truth. In any case, Amory expects the twenty-first to be a most absorbing one, brimful of war and pestilence, turmoil, upheaval, anarchy, dumbness, despair. Already the thunderclouds are gathering, the writer is convinced of it. Defenceless, silenced, leaderless, once again the sheep will find themselves lined up for slaughter. Not in Day-Nine, not yet. In Amory's own words, it is not that kind of a book.

    Whether Amory's unique lonesome genius will ever gain the recognition it deserves is to him at least, irrelevant. Just for a change, he is currently working on a provocative glimpse into the past. But not in order to rehash that which has been done over and over again by others. That would not be Amory Hill as we know him.


    December 2000

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