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who is accumulating them please?, page-2

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    Hi B2

    You know my views on PSA already so I won't go into them again. As to who is accumulating, not sure any body is at the moment, all the trades today have been small. I do notice from time to time somebody trying to spook out a seller/buyer with some small offers eg. the 3000 shares that have just gone through at 25.5 cents. But that will all be to no avail once the juggernaut starts rolling. Weekly volumes over the past month have been:
    last week 798,546
    prev week 362,292
    week before 292,455
    week b4 that 408,230
    Have put some questions to PSA today about production rates, revenue flows etc will get back to you by email when/if I get the answers. Cheers JBC
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