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Who do you want to shag today?

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    Think of all the email addresses AdultShop will procure!

    Adult web site has unveiled the Shagometer, its latest viral marketing campaign that matches users with their most sexually compatible celebrities.
    The site calculates user’s personal biorhythms and each day when users boot up their PCs, it reveals a new celebrity match. The site is also claimed to calculate user’s most incompatible shags for the day and lets them e-mail their results to friends.

    Amanda Cooper, head of marketing at, said the viral component of the campaign comes from the ability to email results to friends, which creates a true interactive community. “At the same time, it allows people to get into the inboxes of an unlimited number of people across the globe,” Cooper said.

    AdultShop said users could win a voucher for use at if they are really “hot to trot” on a particular day, or if they submit the email addresses of three friends (the cheat’s way for the not so hot among us).
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