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    Liberal Generosity with OUR tax money
    The Libs gave $1 bn to bail-out Indonesia's economy in the Asian Tiger melt-down but couldn't give to drought stricken farmers. They gave another $1 billion to Thailand to fix their economy in the Asian Tiger crash but they can't pay the Age Pension to Baby Boomers. They gave $1 bn to the Tsunami Victims but could not fix our hospital chaos.
    The Libs just gave $5 bn to Timor for Oil Compensation.
    Timor has no right to claim our oil. In simple terms there are two methods of settling boundary between maritime nations. The first is the deep water line. The deep water method puts the boundary within a couple of hundred kilometres of the Timor coastline (Timor Trench). All of the oil is on our continental shelf by International Law.
    The second method is a complex computation of equidistant points from coast to coast. Our coastline is not Cape York, Arnhem Land, Darwin, WA, Broome etc. It is measured from Sabai (10 km off the New Guinea coast), Deliverance, Ashmore, Christmas, Cocos etc. so the continental shelf, and the oil on it, is all ours BY INTERNATIONAL LAW.
    The Crimes Act - PROSECUTION
    I have a letter, on Parliamentary Letterhead paper, signed by a Tasmanian Senator saying that they were "blackmailed" into agreeing to Howard's gun laws.
    I have a copy of the UN treaty signed by the Liberals in 1981 and ratified by the ALP in 1983 agreeing to the General and Complete Disarmament of Australia. That is why the Libs got rid of our Carrier and Fleet Air Arm. That is why they destroyed 500,000 of our 303s and melted 110,000 SLRs. That is why they are sinking our Missile Destroyers (Swan, Derwent, and Brisbane). Howard's heroes are a more dangerous enemy than the Japs and Germans ever were.
    Warn all Australians. Send this everywhere. The CRASH is building up. The longer we leave remedial action the worse it will be. Remind journos - They will be in the sewer with us in any crash. Get them to publish what Canberra conceals from us before it is too late.

    A. R. (Tony) Pitt, 79 Ferry Street, Maryborough Qld 4650 - Ph 07 4122 1412
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