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who are you going to call - relenza, that's who

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    Who are you going to call when this eventually becomes a reality - Relenza, that's who ***

    Vietnam bans sale of anti-bird flu drug Tamiflu in drug stores

    HANOI, Vietnam -- 'Vietnam has banned pharmacies from selling the anti-bird flu drug Tamiflu, [COLOR=red][B]saying improper use could cause the virus to develop resistance to the medicine[/B][/COLOR], officials said Wednesday.

    Residents afraid of contracting bird flu have rushed in recent weeks to buy the drug, which ranges from 450,000 dong (US$28) to 1.2 million dong ($76) for one course of 10 capsules. All medicines are sold over-the-counter in Vietnam.'...more

    Stockpiling and using the drug as a precautionary measure could be very dangerous, causing possible drug resistance, according to the article. We are glad to see Vietnam be on top of this issue as this concern has been voiced by several experts in the field.
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