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    So the way I see this stock.

    Theres 10 days left for possible announcements.
    I won’t be surprised if the partnership deal was meant to be one of those.

    50:50 chance the others will come through, only being held up by US shut down.

    If they are announced, hold on to your hats.
    if not, I think it will still be stable in the 6’s.

    If the revenue trend continues, our next quarterly will show more growth, hopefully a slow down in debt. If these contracts are announced soon, then hopefully EOFY will show a huge increase.

    Im taking a gamble and put an order in today that these announced will come. Management have communicated very well with this stock. They’ve been kicking goals in my book. DC also keeps buying up, which I don’t think he’s trying to average down.

    The world is actively treating cyber security as a major issue now. It’s more than just viruses. Companies now see the threats activities like hacking can be. States are battling against each other and with the west having a vast range of private companies dealing with governments it’s in the best interest to stop it.

    We could very well see IPO prices mid year with all these positives ahead.

    I could also be very wrong.
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