White lives matter too

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    Apparently those protesting "black lives matter" are hypocrites. They are saying that white lives don't matter by defying the social distancing bans, unless they do and can maintain social distancing at any of their protests.

    As far as I am aware there were no black deaths so far that are attributed to Codit19 as all the deaths so far have been every "colour" but black in Australia. All they are proving is that blacks have a disregard for the law of the land and they are getting plenty of support by others using them as a political stunt for political reasons. In the USA and around the world it appears that Codit19 isn't colour selective.

    White lives matter too. We all matter. Colour is only an excuse to place blame on the "other colour". The ABC will use "colour" to push their leftist agenda.

    Stay at home. If you want to protest do it at your front gate or right here on HC.
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