HDR hardman resources limited


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    You people who still hold hdr and are now sitting waiting axiously for it to rise back up, chill out .

    Hdr will rise again when new drilling starts, you just have to sit and wait for it and slap yourself for not selling and taking a profit, one that you will never get back.

    I have been in similar positions with other stocks where i have not sold and sat and got angry because someone kept selling em down while I KNEW the stock was worth more.

    As experieced people would know there is a golden rule: NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH ANY STOCK: yes any stock.

    Who would of thought amp would hit $10.79 (where i bought incidently) when it was over $20 not long before.

    what about ptd $5.50 back to under a $.

    The whinging by you people gets a bit monotonous after awhile as it is the usual reaction people have when they have missed getting out and back in cheaper.

    Maybe some inexperienced people are still susceptiable to to posts here raving on how good something is but there not many of them left anymore as most of them listerned to the likes of you hdr pushers and now are broke working in the council patching roads somewhere.

    All you are really doing is showing just how angry and desperate you are.

    chill out

    good hunting
    cheers dave
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Currently unlisted public company.

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