whilst alp & greens are in we are cactus

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    There is no future for the country while these dangerous zealots are in power.
    We can only hope for an early election.

    Our debt is rising out of control.
    Our biggest companies are under attack.
    Our biggest exporters are under attack.
    Our high income earners are under attack.
    Indeed a third of all Australian households, by the governments own numbers, are under attack.

    This has nothing to do with the environment, or reducing our co2 emmissions.

    It is simply another money grab to prop up a big spending inept wasteful govenment who is beholden to a small group of fringe dwellers in our Parliament.

    The will of the people may be denied at the moment, but the Day of Reckoning for the ALP, Greens and the Independents is coming soon.
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