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    ...for those critical production figures take time out to re-read the statement in the 31.12 Q report dated 31.1 which reads (with my additions in brackets ) ..."(The) Board and Management (every one of them,not just the Chairman and CEO but definitely including the Chairman and CEO,Company Secretary ,every director and body who gets a decent salary and/or directors fees ) are VERY confident ( not just lukewarm,not merely hoping but VERY confident) that production will RAMP up( a strong word that has connotations associated with fast acceleration, not stuffing around, no dwardling etc.)to SIGNIFICANT levels (significant means a lot,not a trickle,levels that are really worthwhile,levels likely to bring in lots of dosh etc. etc. ) in the March 08 Quarter ( not the June Quarter,or some future quarter ,like N O W." Do you get my drift ??? Feel better ??
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