Which part holding or parcel to sell?

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    Hey all,

    New to this part of the forum and had a good look before starting a new thread so hopefully I'm not doubling up.

    I'm trying to find some reading / opinions on how to balance profit or loss versus CGT liability when selling a partial holding or parcel.

    For example - if my first parcel in a stock is 100K units at 10c in Jan 2020 and I hold for more than 12 months whilst buying more along the way and I buy my last parcel of 100K units at 20c in June 21 and then decide to sell 100K at 15c now, what variables should I consider when deciding if I sold the 100K from Jan 2020 at a $5K profit with 50% GCT discount or the 100K parcel from June 21 at a $5K loss?

    I'm pretty sure I've read already that its not first bought = first sold and hence the investor has a choice.

    I'm assuming its something to ultimately review and make a decision on come tax time based on what other profits / losses I have made over the year but just keen to see if there is any reading or strategy (besides talking to my accountant)

    Thanks in advance.
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