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which is the free country?

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    "Your remarks give a deep look into reckless manipulation of markets in the so-called 'Free World.'

    "I live in China -- as a foreigner of German origin -- and I can buy in a public shop just around the corner as much physical gold or silver as I want and I can keep it in my personal possession. When I buy, nobody asks me for my name, address, or any identification, and I can take the bullion with me right away. ...

    "If you consider rigging and manipulating markets to be a necessary component of what you call a free country, than I must admit that you are right. But I would prefer to live in a country that protects me from those market manipulators and lets me have as much gold and silver I wish, and call it my own."

    Adi Hadi of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

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