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which idiots are cappping this junior at 6c ???

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    I have been holding PLX for "eons" and bought another 130k on Friday at 6c and now I hold a ton and then some. Can someone please explain to me why PLX is being capped??.

    I understand Tony Brennan is now a director and he is the 'mastermind' behind Gleneagle Gold. Is there a backdoor listing coming to fruition ? I understand the monies for the entitlement have to be in by September 2nd, what are they going to do with it ?.
    What is Tony Brennan and crew going to do ? He is touted to have a network of business associates globally and is likely to backdoor PLX into a resource junior ? Whatever the case, the past administration have been incompetent and a disgrace with 'Fraudscope' and other mickey mouse projects I am hoping Tony Brennan will restore shareholder value.

    I can't believe it is currently capped at a measly $1.3 million with the entitlement it will be capped approximately $2.75 million @ 6c. Surely there is room for PLX to move from current levels ?

    C'mon Tony and team I advocate that you turn PLX into a silver play - I demand it!!
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