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    re: Where's Yak? Right HERE!!! Right here baby with a great big sh$t-eating grin right across me gob!!!!


    Black with grey pinstrip Fatboy with the new air filter and cut-pipes and a high rise sissy bar.

    Saddle bags on the way!!

    Now I know how you women feel with that great big throbbing thing between yer legs!!! (Sort of.....)

    Got carried away but what the hell.....

    bigfatmomma - ya didnt get back to me last week about the Skywarrior...maybe ya misssed it

    I did a hop into Townsville in 1969 in one of these birds on my way from Guam to Danang in Vietnam. Lucky we didnt need JATO to get off the deck - did on the cat on the carrier though - scarey stuff....

    Saw that you made a comment that the firies had call outs galore on those old birds.

    Cant really remember that bit

    Funny how you even knew they flew into Townville.
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