Hmm, you,.... I think have written off Revelations, all been and...

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    Hmm, you,.... I think have written off Revelations, all been and gone, so it's probably no use going down that road, not that I am an expert there.
    What you do with many OT end time events, if that be the case, I don't know?

    If it's future, then it's still to come and no one was Elijah.

    It is looking like you have a thing for this Elijah biggrin.png

    Did Jesus tell you, what Now is the eternal life ha.

    Here is something for you to ponder and maybe you have something to add, however, it's not something I have discussed with anyone, bit of a closed door in that regard.
    I will put it to you (tongues will wag on this one haha), your doing a serious study on the word, off in your quite place, approaching the venture, the right way as in, asking for guidance etc, for His word and not what you think or would like.
    You approach it like, not maybe I will get answers, but it is done and dusted.
    Certain areas, as your reading and it becomes like, someone else is actually reading and explaining it to you, the subject is to you at times, in the here and now!
    AND then, the moment someone else walks in the room, the other or whatever, steps out of the picture, instantly you know, no if buts about it.

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