smithsonian ? I wonder who funds those papers.Anyway, for...

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    smithsonian ? I wonder who funds those papers.

    Anyway, for example, Marlo Vic's Gippsland coast. Originally the mouth of the Snowy River.

    Snowy River now gets diverted back thru the mountains as part of the Snowy Hydro complex.

    Consequently Marlo and it's estuary recieve very little inland force, ie flows from inland, so spends most of it's time blocked from the ocean by sand. This year it is probably open due to massive rain, but generally it's closed.

    So if the sea levels were rising, that great southern ocean would be continually chewing away and busting open the sand spit which seperate the lagoon from Bass Strait, and the estuary would be free flowing and constantly reshaping.


    I can give the same examples along the Vic Coast, from Aire River, Princetown, to Tamboon, Betka at Mallacoota, around the corner at Wonboyn, NSW South Coast endless lagoons, lakes and estuaries. Crescent Head a perfect example. All the way to Qld.

    If sea levels were rising , the even likes of Noosa Bar or Southport Spit groynes would be free standing piles of granite bolders.

    So please jam your Smithsonian papers where the sun don't shine, I didn't float in on the last king tide.

    Right now ALL these coastal water ways will be busting open, from high water on the INSIDE from heavy rain, NOT from high water on the outside ie: rising sea levels.
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