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Where's Spiderman now??

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    I feel really sorry for those that got sucked in last week by those promoting VRL as a sure thing due to Spiderman. Even Spiderman cannot save (as I said NUMEROUS times last week) what is a DOG of a company and has been since 1996. Similar situation with TMS which has also been promoted as a safe exposure to Spiderman......also dropped.

    My argument was that those wanting to see some Spidey-profits should look at FUN at or below 80c (first mentioned at 73) and those that took that advice are now sitting on a small profit with more to come.

    The lesson here is not to take advice from these boards based on very simplistic assumptions about a one off event that makes very little difference to the scheme of things in a huge (and poor) company like VRL. If on the other hand you find a compay like FUN with great FUNdamental and technical reasons for buying then Spiderman will only boost what will already be a respectable result.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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