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    not exactly an optimist by nature. more of balanced viewer even tho some of my past posts may allude otherwise.

    my point really is sure few experienced cats have come on here.. and they havent yet fully bought up to the holding they want yet. so it may well suit a person like that to spruik conservative share price predictions in line with their buying timeline objectives.

    i totally get the risk management aspect of things. but a person who has not yet fully bought in, to me is someone that secretly wishes for a little price stagnation or for it to hold in a trading range band until they get their cash freed up from other investments to buy up the rest of their desired stake there.

    no-one can dispute the financial projections. they are based on mgmts goals by 2009 fin yr end and 2010. altho they have acheived much of their 2009 targets already pending financial presentation of course. Really it would be just speculation on the upramping or downramping side outside of those budgeted figures so its anyones guess what 2009 ann report might hold.

    but pertaining to these share price predictions of melua and joewolf.. well to me the timelines they speak of, may sound more true if both of them had fully bought up first.

    Albuera, if u wanted to top up more stock in INT at some point because u thought it was a real goer.. EG: say u wanted to free up 20k for instance from ur other assets at some point.. well would u perhaps do on of these things:

    *act more long term viewed and not excited publicly cos u dont want another guy stepping up getting ur desired stock before u can? u would hope the stock stayed relatively low until u got onboard.

    *keep quiet about it and buy when u can

    *tell everyone its a crap stock and buy in

    *have a dumb moment tell everyone u think its going to go up tomorrow and find urself having to pay 50% more for it after others beleive ur tip and buy in before u.

    So anyways my opinions on melua and joewolfs comments around share price predictions to a fair degree that reaching 3-5cents only by june2009 is not really something i need to believe in.

    i agree that a certain class of buyer wont be looking to top up until they see solid financials and another class of buyer could well step up at any stage also not neccessarily relying on financial reports to come.

    i would definately be buying more now if had spare cash. why do i want to wait to see better financials and then have to compete with other ppl at 2.5c -3cents for instance, when i can get in now under 2cent? and i daresay im not the only person that thinks this way.
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