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where's davidob ?

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    What's your opinion on what melua and joewolf are saying in regard to revenue flows, time frames etc ?
    We'd all like it to be a bit quicker, I personally think there pretty much spot on !

    I think there also right about the bad history.
    We've got our previous management teams to thank for the lack of potential reflected in the sp. This will start to turn around when there's profit on the bottom line.

    I can understand the market's view at the moment but it doesn't always get it right. There's imbalances at times which provide great opportunities.
    One example - the market's view of our current management team is no better than that of previous management.
    That's what you call a big discrepency !
    Due to the legacy of the past Directors, the market now asks for total confirmation, beyond any reasonable doubt.
    When that day comes the market will play catch up as it always does !
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