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    I agree with all of your sentiments.

    I have stated it many times my view of the signifacance of 81 cents. This number now, by my calculations is unpenetratable on the downside.

    As Kopitieo suggests, it is possible for a couple of days of consolidation in the high 80's, but I can't see a dip through say 83.

    $1 is a fore gone conclusion by my calculations. Having said that, a bit of consolidation in the high 80's would only strengthen the run.

    Agree with T4p on it momentum. It is starting to pick up but really hasn't started to run yet. Dips below $1 will be untradable.

    For asimilar sinario for astock building momentum, you may like to check how QTm performed when it ran from 40 odd to 1.10. Equivalently we are at about the 70 cent stage. Really there are no comparisons with QTM as it had a capitalisation of about 1 Billion, and all they were doing was hoping to sell hot water units in China. But it does give an indication of how momentum becomes self perpetuating. (ie, I don't see the same sell down as occurred with QTM)

    So I now hold more than I ever have.

    I wish you all the best.

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