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    Damn kp - that's a lot of dash.

    When my mate first got me into trading about 4 years ago I was killing it with the tips my mate was getting from his work (investment banking) and we'd be literally doubling our money in the space of his tips within 2-4 weeks.

    Then the dotcom crash happened and I decided to sell all my holdings in May that year and lost about 50% of my holding (lucky I did sell or else by now I'd be down probably around 90-95%). Over the next year I continued to trade but because I was still very unexperienced at the whole market thing (being in my early 20's at the time), I made some very inexperienced wrong trades which cost me a mint and put me back a lot in terms of capital losses. I lost $10k on WON when it was 18c and sold for around 10c I think it was, I lost another 10k on VNA when I bought in at 25c (on the supposedly 100% done deal with Telefonica that management were boasting about).

    That was all about 2-3 years ago and thank god since I've been picking my stocks a lot better and I'm starting to get some really good tips also which is helping.

    All up my inexperience at the start cost me around $45 which I believe is quite a lot for a Uni student but luckily I'm now starting to turn that around as I believe last year I made money (first year since about 4 years ago) and this year has also started quite sensationally for me. I've also put my faith in a highly unrecognised speculative stock which I believe will gain me back all my losses above over the next year or two!

    Well that's my trading life story, I'd be interesting in hearing others.

    Good Luck
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