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where to now?

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    Great day yesterday for VCR.

    Large turn-over.

    Large price surge.

    Frantic buying right to the close of trade.

    So can we guess what's going on?

    Firstly the amount of funds pouring into the stock may indicate ----
    Institutional investors believe in the story and that VCR is a long term holding.
    Forums such as Hot Copper will have little bearing on price or turnover - the engagement of forum is insignificant.

    Institutions pushing the price up in ensuring their slice of the cake are forcing other institutions to also engage for fear of being left behind.
    As VCR becomes a component of relative indexes - as it must now, many institutions will need to come aboard too - for indexed holdings.
    Better to enter now while price is less, is possibly part of the motivation too.

    Well 99% of trader buying will now be in place.
    No doubt such traders will exit according to their level of fear or greed - or alternatively the traders will wait for a sell signal from charting.

    So a retraction is not predictable or the scope of any retraction is also not predictable.

    Those savvy with charts will explain any such occurrence rather well --- sometime after the event.

    So basically the indications based on institutional research and acume is that VCR is a probable success story with scope for much higher price.

    Random events or fund raising by share alocation to the privileged at ridiculously low premium (let us hope this does not happen) will slow things down and reduce price of shares - temporarily at least.

    When the fullsteam of institutional buying slows down to a dribble there will certainly be a reasonable retraction.

    So what is the story?

    Gamblers or Traders (choose your preference) may unload using whatever criteria comes to mind (or emotions)

    Investers hold.

    The choice is yours.


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