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    Well its happened again .... a blow off top that is, at least bb members had plenty of warning thanks to OMR and Yogi.

    Reason: Shareholders assumed that the secondary target reservoir was better than the first (carn't blame them given the drilling reports) potentially making the field bigger than Groceler.

    However this doesn't change that fact that the well is still a discovery and that Amity are only half way through there drilling program.

    In my opinion this blow off has been more subdued than previous (a function of company growth via exploration success and increased gas sales etc.).... fingers crossed, but I wouldn't expect to see the stock drop much more.

    I'd like to think that CURRENTLY the ordinary shares "should" be worth around a $1.00 - $1.05.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    PS. I got scared out of my options (to lock in profits should the stock continue to fall) but still hold my ordinady shares.
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