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    Stage 1 has been a success.
    Stage 2 - the real business - is well on the way.

    Dikilushi is well on the way to full mining effort.
    There is an estimated life (8 years?) based on known resourse but no doubt further exploration will double-plus some the mine life.

    Mining of Kapulo is obviously being fast tracked.
    Finances etc were in place for Dikilushi before updated drilling results were carried out.
    AVL management are obviously not messing around with Kapulo. They know it is viable so will not slow projects down while details are being attended to.

    As announced Stage 2 has virtually commenced, finances are close to finalisation. The finances are a minor concern as buraucracy has a perchance for causing delays - a matter not completly in the hands of AVL management.

    The synergies between Diki and Kap will make for greater efficiencies and eventually profits.

    Others are much more able in analysing possible profits for AVL but from what has been put forward previously could I suggest something in the order of 15c to 17 cents / share? Per year. By 2005.

    Then there is the exploration presently in progress in Vietnam, promising areas in Congo and a keeness by AVL management to diversify globally.
    Surely on these speculations alone AVL shares would be 3 to 5 cents of value?

    As the value of AVL share increase many factors come into play ---
    Recognition of a successful company.
    Wow look at the share price history - must get on board factor.
    As shares price increases so does the attraction (peculiarly) to institutions. It is more plausible to take say a $10 million stake when shares are at 50 cents than play around with shares at present low price. So in a strange manner AVL becomes more attractive the closer it comes to true value.
    When share price lifts the total valuation of the company increases and it becomes "listed" in certain sectors - as opposed to the present classification of "one of those small specs of which there are many and most will fail".
    (Add more factors of your own now)

    So assuming no catastrophy or no falling down of the sky - as some H.C. contributors just love dwelling on I see strong development and strong surges in AVL share price over several years.

    Aquarius Platinum was a company of similar ilk.
    In its formulative stages was highly undervalued - as for AVL now.
    I guess people just could not believe - that there had to be a "trap" that no company could be so undervalued.
    Look at Aquarius Plat price now.

    Yes 16 to 18 cents by mid to late July is still on the cards.

    50 cents by 2005 a reasonable possibility.

    $1.00 plus eventually?
    Why not?



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