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    Ash lets try and b positive about tls's energy production,due to govt energy policy and the rising cost tls has invested in 2 energy plants one 170 mgz,the other 300mgz both investments restricted to solar and wind due to govt policy.
    Plus their expansion of roof top solar on their buildings and i expect their 1500 distributed data centres.
    Now the cost of electricity production for wind,solar and nuclear is similar,wind a bit cheaper but the turbines stop the kookaburras laughing plus there ugly and noisy.Plus the life span of solar and wind plants is much shorter than nuclear and not base load.
    So even at some stage the question will b asked just how many batteries do we want to install to power the economy when they have a life span of 5 to 15 years.
    What tls is doing is chicken feed as far as energy generation and batteries required,but i have no issues with the investments in fact well done penn again..
    SA is a sml example of a 100% renewables or 50% renewables policy,its not base load ie it depends on the weather,it relies on batteries,it makes no sense to power an economy the size of australia or SA on wheather reliant energy generation that requires battery storage..
    So sooner or later a base load form of energy production will have to b included,and if emissions r the main concern then its absolutely nuclear.
    Shortly a hele coal plant will b built as per northern qld.I believe we r going to see serious debate in govt on base load.Depending on out come i believe one or 2 base load energy forms of generation will b chosen and built depending on each states policy but nsw and wa appear to b open for business,then tls can really invest as much as they like as far as i am concerned and our posts on forms of energy generation will not b regarded as rubbish.
    Yep i live in vic and i believe we will end up importing electricity from hydro tassy,and yep due to proximity combined with current australian energy policy importing electricity from indonesia is absolutely viable.only because of our energy policy.
    Batteries are the real issue for renewables,the volume required,the,short life span and still to b developed recycling issues.
    Tls is very serious about energy generation,if a base load form is introduced as a 3rd clean option i don't care if tls invests $3b,$6b,$9b hmm $12b as tls would b supported by the govt and the accc in energy the same way tpg was supported by the govts and accc with its fixed roll out.
    And tls has the customer base,both tls bundling of electricity.telecommunications and belong re selling low energy.
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