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Ash,at least the chief science finkle re energy had the guts to...

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    Ash,at least the chief science finkle re energy had the guts to suggest nuclear should b on the table.The garnauts and henrys that are put on such high pedestals by the left imo lack basic financial/business acumen.
    Finkle should b put on a pedestal not garnaut or henry.
    Where is garnauts proof batteries can run his smelting and steel industries and make australia a leading value adding steel/aluminium exporter.? Seems to me these type of people will say anything to push their argument.
    Henry in a senate inquiry was asked at what point would a mining tax effect mining investment,50%,?60%?70%/ it was not until the senator suggested a 90% mining tax that henry said well yes that would effect the mining industry.
    Above is y we are moving towards a battery operated non competitive economy.
    And yes kitty lol i will continue to keep pointing out the importance of energy to tls.But in my defence u can blame tls as it established tls energy generation pty ltd and Ash for posting on the development of these nuclear modules plus our dh energy policies..
    ps re tls health,hmm not exciting for me.Tls investing approx $3b in 12 mobules to produce 600 to 700 mhz of nice ,simple clean low emissions base load grid supply would excite me,my preference for lathams first regional location woollongong.
    ps still don't understand the sector,but tls tv seems to b the many partners it streams.But i have no idea of its future compared to apple tv.JC keeps talking about the foxtel train wreck which i'm slowly starting to understand,but bottom line tls have the mobile network with the leading 5g characteristics compared to the competition telcos,so its interesting,at least imo.
    The amazon agreement ie 6.99 per month charged by tls and tls receiving a commission helped me understand the developing business model a bit more.

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