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where to go in a perilous market

  1. ape
    409 Posts. mil and 80 more ...earning approx 17 + mil per annum in interest

    2.No times of currency deflation

    3.Exploration ...foreign developing nations where labour and development costs are lower than developed nations ie SL and potential pre buyer of Cape sth Projects ore

    4.No current opex or capex ...nothing to pay for

    5.Known costs of exploration ...sth cape project and SL

    6.Only success guaranteed projects...we know for sure sth cape project is worth 300Mill and SL has enough tailings to pay for the whole project the estimated worth of the project has been reported by press in UK to be $ 2 billion

    Cant really see a down side for CFE as a long term trade.

    I would like some negatives if anyone has any as I have been attempting to buy these sub 20c in small tranches.

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