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where to from here

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    Nice little rebound late on Friday and the share price at least jumped a little and at one stage was up by 40 plus %

    It is interesting at the GM they approved the possible placement of 107,000,000 shares and director BK visits China. Is that related I wonder.

    Also having a look at the major share and option holders many of the Malay/Asian guys who invested 12 odd months ago are still involved and I wonder if RAU may have been talking to these guys as well re possible placement.

    Cause if my guess is right they may need some more cash to re open the gold mine at Tregoora that was called Solomons Mine

    Many of the drilling results have come in around Tregoora and they undertaking drilling on those leases they recented contracted to purchase from that Adam guy around Tregoora that has a plant that can be fixed up and made operational.

    I get the feeling that they are looking at trying to get the Tregoora leases operational and re opening the mine in 2009 is my guess and that will be followed by the tin mines also in FNQ. I think the current down grade in the required resource required to open the mine at Tregoora and they are analysing the results and still drilling I am hopeful they will have enough to complete the BFS and start Tregoora

    Then they may try to move ahead in Bolivia and at Burraga as they are more complex developments

    Time will tell of course and my main focus is finding the winner of the Cup on Tuesday - anyone got any tips
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