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where to from here

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    This clearly is a basket case , but the fact the directors clearly are making positve statements about the future, banks are rolling over finance terms , the assets are strong cash flow positive , the directors are not calling in the administrators tells me there is more positives than negatives.

    Adler and williams with HIH , bond with his array of companies, skase , the westpoint dudes, the basis capital dudes, fincorp,mfs, and alco have all taken the other option and that is to call in the administrators to sort problems out that were not known to the market.

    The latest statement from the company confirmed their accounts were correct , the banks extended their facilities, assets were being sought and considred for sale, the company was earning strong cash flows from its shopping centres, and it was all taking place at a time when banks with fear in their eyes would easily close the doors if they were not believers.

    I think over coming weeks a solution none of us have imagined will arrive from rufano who clearly is the right man to maximise shareholder value.

    At these levels I might be crazy but I am going in for more , taking profit from the boom move and throwing it at this falling knife hoping to take a catch better than the australian first slippers of late.

    I have a target for June 30 of 1.00 and a stop in the short term of 45c on the stock , so feel for a 7c risk to further capital its a fair punt for the potential reward vs the risk of loss.

    Just my thoughts , it could go in to trading halt like mfs and that would make it impossible to put my stop on and yes that would hurt far more than matt haydens most recent dropped catches.
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