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Brainchip as you know, has been the black sheep in this ever...

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    Brainchip as you know, has been the black sheep in this ever changing landscape, some have commented on what they consider to be Di Nardo's main job specification...that being, raise the funds Mr Venture Capitalist which one can deny, he has achieved to this point.

    I personally believe that, he has been silenced, apart from maybe, one quote regarding Socionext.

    The CEO is the mouthpiece, he surrounds himself with professional individuals with a proven track record in the field concerned, holds them to account, reviews performance, sets targets, lays out incentives, all based around the team, the end goal...short, medium and long term.

    He is then accountable to a strong group of Directors, Board Members whom hold him to account, rewarding him over the journey for achieving set milestones along the way.

    If true, he has been muzzled, that to me strongly suggests that the company isn't happy with what's be unfolding over the last 2 years, and if we/they had the funds, he would have been paid out, as in, dismissed.

    The question remains, what company, worth a pinch of salt, would have their spearhead (CEO) silenced.
    None....he would no longer to attached to said's the most powerful position, next to the founder.

    It's frustrating, but personally I still believe the true test of ones patience, is going to be over the next 6 months.
    All indicators still point to Spiking Neural Networks and achieving AI at the Edge will be the disruptive technology that we are all hoping it will be....don't sell, unless you really have to, that's my opinion...not advice.


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