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where to drill the first hole?

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    So, where too first up for GMM? Mongolia or Oz? Probably the latter seeing the land of the Khan's is under a meter or 2 of snow at present. The potash will keep.

    In 2009 Sandfire showed the true value of getting out in the bush and drilling holes.
    I have invested in numerous IPO's (including a couple of basket cases) and I already have the impression that this outfit intend to get stuck into it early with the truth machine.
    The prospectus said there are numerous already identified targets including some "ready to drill" over in WA - all look very green, in the "middle of nowhere" but importantly are the big conceptual type targets.

    Any updates on developments from those around GMM most welcome on this site. I'm looking to accumulate a few of these while they are still in the 20's, just in case we get a whiff of IOGC or whatever in that first hole.
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